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The Baiyuwan Ecological Touring-agriculture Park
2012-03-30 16:46:52

“Vigorous island in Oriental, fairy land among seamounts” is well known byword for Xiangshan’s traveling. The Baiyuwan Ecological Touring-agriculture Park is located in the middle part of Xiangshan, Xibiantang Village, the intersection of Sanmen Bay, Shipu Port and Datang Port. It's 10 miles away from the old street in Shipu fishing port, and 15 miles from the city of movie and TV in Xinqiao. Tourists will enjoy picking fruit, husking glutinous rice cake, taking photos and sketching here.
  Its fascination is fully expressed by its pure rural scenery and exciting fishing style. And countryside fishing village selfdriving tour attracts lots of tourists by peasant family holiday tour, rural scenery tour, fishing village tour and cultural characteristic tour.
  The Park consists of three main parts citrus, grape and red bayberry orchard, including citrus orchard 1500 acreages, grape orchard 1200 acreages and one thousand acreages of re bayberry. It is equipped with self-picking, self-planting, popularization of science, catering and mountain leisure areas for tourists.
  You will be immersed in the great fun of back to nature by eating, living, working and playing in peasant families. You will also experience the real life of fishermen with the entertainment activities of sea roller skating, surfing, beach volleyball, fishing, hunting, shell picking and boating.

  Bus Line:
  Dancheng—Xiaotang—Xibian Tang Village-- The Baiyuwan Ecological Touring-agriculture Park
  Daily Cost: ¥30-60
  Tel: 0574-65930011 6592874

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