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Shipu Fishing Port Ancient City
2012-03-30 16:47:49

Shipu Fishing Port, where people make a living by the sea from generation to generation has rich maritime culture. Although time is changing, you may still breathe that maritime culture from the architecture of Ming and Qing Dynasties.
  The old city was built by hillside with winding streets and deep alleys. The charms of its shops and houses reside in its rural and Confucian styles of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, which have played the leading role among a series of old streets of this kind. Shipu ancient city was founded in 1387, which has a history of 617 years. It had been a coastal fortress and a commercial fisheries center. It retained the four chief streets of the 1,670 meters, Wanhang Street, Fujian Street, Zhong Street and Hou Street. In 2003, Xiangshan County Tourism Bureau and Shipu government invited planning experts, established the planning group, renovated the old restores, old shops,old temples, ancient walls, and archaic way, demolished more than 5,000 square meters of old houses, carefully planned and constructed 12 scenic area, which have rich fishing culture,the merchants culture, and the coast defense culture.
  Wanhang Street, was lined with shops selling all kinds of dishes and bowls from Qing Dynasty. This street is also the main street to enter the ancient city. It is a slightly S-shaped street,147 meters long, 35 meters high, has 82 stairs.It likes a ladder from the port to the ancient city.
  Fujian Street was built by people from Fujian Province during the years of Kangxi Qing Dynasty. It is famous for the film Fishing Poetry. The film was a pearl which was produced by Shanghai Lianhua Movie Company in 1934.It awarded at the exhibition in Moscow in 1935,and it was the China's first international award-winning movie with sound.These pictures of the shooting in Shipu are preserved well.
  Zhong Street, used to be a bustling business street, with more than 100 shops, several characteristic fire seals built for fire and theft prevention from Ming Dynasty.
  Guandi temple has a history of 600 years. It is dedicated to bless fishermen fishing and construction, and therefore vigorous perennial incense.
  Xizi Pavilion, was carved an ancient poetry to showthe respection to knowledge and to cherish paper by fishermen.

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  Dancheng—Shipu—Fishing Port Road—Shipu Fishing Port Ancient City
  Ticket Price: ¥60
  Opening hours: 08:00~17:00
  Tel: 0574-65977521

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