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Chinese Fishing Village
2012-03-30 16:52:03

Chinese Fishing Village is a very characteristic village combining the features of modern fishing culture and regional traditions. The Hurrican Square paved with big stones Pides the village into two parts: a huge windbreak made of big pebbles with sacrifice stone at the cornor on one side; row upon row of fihsing houses, fishing lamp, weather vane, drying fishing net and floats on the other side. You will experience the nativest fishing folk activities here.
  Chinese Fishing Village is voted for “Provincial-level Top 10 Summer Holiday Resort” for it’s complete facilities of eating, living, traveling and shopping. Seafood stall and Songhuangcheng Beach there provide the tourists with representative tourism products and seafood local specialty. You’ll enjoy your tour here by the participation of marine theme activities and festivals.
  There are two scenic spots in Chinese Fishing Village: Sunshine Coast and Yushan Island. As the biggest comprehensive marine culture leisure resort, it is provided with the best facilities of the Mediterranean villas, Caribbean recreational area, superior sand beach, decilous seafood snacks and rich island and forest resources. The living fishing atmosphere is thoroughly expressed by the theme villas, fishing wind vane, fishing boat and mast head light.
  “Drive to fishing” is the new definition of self-driving tour given by Chinese Fishing Village. Self-driving tour here has new blood with charming night fishing village, exciting needfire party, decilous sandy beach barbecue, and romantic camping.
  Tourists are also impressed by the beachcombing entrance, Sunshine Coast Square, Pingyan scenic spot, commercial street, shell museum and fishing folk street.The tourist will learn how to weave fishing net in the fishing workshop, make sand castles and drift bottles by themselves in the crafts workshop, and also learn how to deal with the danger on the sea and some daily ship-repairing methods.
  The project planning and product development of Chinese Fishing Village closely based on the principle of keeping the fisherman dietary habit, living habit, fishing clothing, maritime construction, folk celebration and fishing work.. It made the Village be the host site of China Fishing Festival for consecutive ten years and the March 3rd Festival every year.
  Chinese Fishing Theme Park and Paradise on Sea and other scenic spots are all designed by American Daniel Design Co.,Ltd. and other famous design companies. It sufficidently absorbs the successful experiences of famous coastal resorts all over the world, and breathes environmental protection and planning objectives into construction of tourism’s attractions. Sapre no effort to get the peak, and to become the national most characteristic and the largest marine culture city.

  Bus Line:
  Dancheng--Shipu—Guideboard “Chinese Fishing Village”—Turn left
  Ticket Price: ¥60
  Opening hours: 08:00~17:00
  Tel: 013566339934

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