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Xiangshan Industrial Zone
2012-03-30 16:42:13

Xiangshan Industrial Zone, which is an important component of the Industrial Belt Surrounding Hangzhou Bay of Ningbo, lies in the south coast of Xiangshan port, and in north of Xiangshan County. Xiangshan Industrial Zone, which is Pided into three blocks, including Harbor Industrial Park, Xiangxi Industrial Park and Chengdong Industrial Park, has a planned area of 130 km2, in which there is a construction area of 87 km2, and is an important ecological industrial development base in Xiangshan County.
  Harbor Industrial Park, with a planned area of 54.7 km2, which has its own great advantages with rich resources in shoreline, wide harbor, deep water and good land condition, mainly develop ship building and repairing, wharf and new harbor industry.
  Xiangxi Industrial Park base on automobile and auto fitting, machinery die, electronic information, OPTO-Mechatronics, electrical engineering and building material, covering a planned construction area 17.6 km2.
  Chengdong Industrial Park has a planned area of 14.7 km2 , mainly based on knitted clothing, bioengineering, new medicine industry, IT and new material technology.
  Xiangshan Industrial Zone, relying on it’s great locotional advantages and close to Ningbo and Zhoushan Port, will fully bring itself to the development of the whole Ningbo. A Shanghai-Xiangshan “2.5 hour transportation circle” and Ningbo-Xiangshan “half hour economic circle” will take shape after the completion of Xiangshan Harbor Bridge, which will make Xiangshan become an important traffic hub of Ningbo.
  With the advanced developing concept, Xiangshan Industrial Zone aims to build a new characteristic ecological coastal urban area, with the coordinated growth of primary, secondary and tertiary industry, by realizing the “port-bridge-sea” interaction and “industry-commerce-service” interactive developing model. First, in the industrial layout, fully embody the port, coastal and ecological characteristics, and develop storage, logistics and port transportation, to build a big eastern characteristic port in Ningbo. Second, vigorously develop port and exporting industry, build bonded warehouses, to full the construction of an important base of international trade. Third, build an Intermediate Garden from urban area in Xiangshan to Ningbo by developing leisure holidays, landscape real estate and tourist attractions.
  For the past few years, Xiangshan Industrial Zone has greatly implemented the stratagy of ocean development, persisted in the linkage development of land and sea economy, given priority to port construction and harbor industry and accelerated the pace of marine economy development. At present, the number of the settled industrial enterprises adds up to 200. Datang Wushashan Power Plant PhaseⅠ(with investment of 10 billion CNY), Zhejiang Xinle Shipyard Co.,Ltd., Ningbo Rixing Casting Industry Co., Ltd. and other costal projects are all up and running. Besides, projects like CNPC Heavy Industry(Ningbo), saline water conversion, Zhongyang Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd. are still under massive construction, and the bases of equipment manufacturing and ship building begin to take shape. Meanwhile, stereoscopic traffic network are rapidly emerging by the building of Xiangshan Harbor Bridge and the launch in early stage of the first class ring road of Xiangshan port.
  In the next few years, Xiangshan Industrial Zone will take the building of Xiangshan Harbor Bridge as an opportunity, attract more investment and accelarate the pace of development and construction with the advantage of port shoreline. To become a foreign investment compact district, a science and technology innovation core area, a saving and intensive use demostration zone, and the first district of structural reforms, Xiangshan Industrial Zone makes further integration of resources, layout optimization and improvement of functions with a view to quality improvement.



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