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Damuwan New Town
2012-03-30 16:59:39

Damuwan New Town perches in the central position of the a hundred li golden coastline of Xiangshan, and is adjacent to the national “AAAA” tourist scenic spot Songlan Mountain. It has a total area of 15 km2 with Damu Sea in the east. It boasts the best leisure and tourist resources in Yangtze River Delta, such as hilly area, bay, beach and downtown area, etc, with a 6-mile-long coastline.
  Xiangshan Damuwan New Town will fully avail itself of the unique advantage of abundant resources to build a new modernized tourist and leisure town: “Yangtze River Delta ocean amusement center, Grand Ningbo coastal new leisure town, core leisure representative area in Xiangshan”, which integrates seascapes, sea sports, health care center and amusement experience.
  The transportation circles of Ningbo-Xiangshan 0.5 hour, Shanghai-Xiangshan 2.5 hour, Hangzhou-Xiangshan 2 hours will take shape after the completion of Xiangshan Harbor Bridge, which will make Xiangshan become an important traffic hub of Ningbo.
  Damuwan is the only man-made blue ocean bay in China, as big as half the West Lake and twice as deep as that. It has the convenient and low carbon road network system with the construction of barrier-free roads, new energy buses, tram tour roads, bikeways at present and a great quantity of yachts and water buses in the future as well as the rapid development of modern service industry and other new industries.
  Damuwan New Town was praised as 1st Low Carbon Ecological Town Construction Demonstration Project and National Renewable Energy Sources Application in Architecture Demostration Project. According to the low carbon and ecological planning of the New Town, more new energy facilities will be available, powered by GSHP, WSHP, solar and wind enerhy sources. That will accelerate the construction of the most livable town of Yangtze River Delta, with the perfection of ecological gallery, river system and smart city.
  According to the overall goal, New Town plan to invest 2.88 billion on infrastructure construction from 2011 to 2013, including road network, water reticulation network, bridges, landscape greening and water, electricity, gas and other municipal comprehensive pipeline engineering construction. By 2015, the central demostration zone of 5 km2 will take shape. Then, a new low carbon ecological town with full supporting facilities, beautiful environment and complete functions will be founded within the area of 10 km2 of Damuwan by 2020.
  With the construction of Damuwan, six projects of investment attraction have been finished and the contractual investment has been over 10 billion, including the top 500 enterprises CRCC,and listed companies like Shimao Group and Tomson Group, covering residence, commerce, service and tourist industry. Meanwhile, the investment attration of the functional projects obtains a breakthrough by the signing of contracts of yacht, new energy sources, smart town and other special projects.
  Damuwan will continue to attract more investment, actively introduce special projects like theme park, sea world, school and health care. Tourism culture will be gradually richened by the development of tram tour roads, water buses, yacht club and sea athletics.

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