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Xiangshan Economic Development Area
2012-03-30 17:00:33

(Attached with planning map, distribution map of key industries, distribution map of major in-progress settling projects)

Xiangshan Economic Development Area was established in 1992. It was approved to be provincial development area in 1994. With industry aggregation, investment invitation, rolling development, it now covers a planning area of 36.04 square kilometers. At present, 565 enterprises had been settled here and 187 of them have put into production. In 2010, enterprises above designed scale realize a total industrial output of 10.1 billion Yuan. An industrial structure lead by knitting garments, mechanical equipment, electronics and electric apparatus, auto parts mould and new energy has been formed.
  Industrial Demonstration Park has almost been finished. It is equipped with complete urban facility as well as life facilities such as commercial streets, residential communities, business hotels, restaurant and entertainment. It has now become a significant part of the downtown.
  Seashore Industrial Park was established in 2005. An accumulative amount of 530 million Yuan has been invested in the construction of supporting infrastructure of water, electricity, communication and sewage disposal. 78 enterprises have been settled in the park, 42 of which have put into production. It aims in improving traditional industry and promoting newly emerging industry and to build an ecology type manufacturing base with distinct features.
  Technology Start-up Park is the main area for development and construction of 12th five-year plan. It focuses on developing manufacturing type service industry and hi-tech industry. It supports regional platform of technology upgrade, innovation and start-up of SMS enterprises to become industrial upgrade engine through technology R& D, technology trade and introduction. Based on regional advantageous industry, regional advantages, resources advantages and good ecological environment, to foster and build major industrial R&D institutions in  maritime technologies, maritime engineering, maritime life, information service, auto parts, molds and machinery equipment, and to increase exchange with countries with advanced technologies in Europe and America such as Swiss and Germany, introduce and build technology exchange and cooperation platform, thus to  promote the communication and cooperation of technology among developed countries and private enterprises in Yangtze River Delta, and to realize transformation of R&D results.

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