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Hua'ao Senic Zone
2012-04-10 15:35:38

Hua’ao Senic Zone is also called as the Great Buddha Island, situated over the front waters of Sanmen Bay, south of Xiangshan. It covers an area of 12.62 sq km, which includes an area of 9.83 sq km for the island. Picturesque natural scenery, abrasion geomorphy along the sea, golden beach and gravel, together with human landscape compose of the fantastic island. There are 36 chains of mountains with beautiful sight and 108 holes with immortal scenery. The island was praised “The fairy land on the sea, the Yingzhou city on the land” with abundance tourism resources, the big Buddha mountain, the stone forest with grand vigor, the mystic cave, the exclusive island of scree wonder in Ningbo---Qingshui gravel beach, the Zhang Cangshui site where resist the Troops of Qing Dynasty, the pavilion, the forest and the seafood.
  Hua’ao island is also very historical of the Zhang Cangshui site where resist the Troops of Qing Dynasty. Zhang Cangshui, whose name is Huangyan had his roots in Yinxian of Zhejiang Province and lived at the turn of Ming and Qing Dynasties. Zhang fought the war to overthrow the Qing Dynasty and reinstate Ming Dynasty on the sea. The main area of Zhang’s anti Qing activities on sea consisted of three islands Nandi Gaotang and Hua’ao in Three Gates gulf. His military and political center was Linmen on Hua’ao island. There are two sites on the island, one is the rectangle barrack site 200 away the mountaintop of Pheasant Mountain, covering 7,000 sq km with a 1,300 sq km troop training square; and the other is in the altitude chain between the Pheasant Mountain and North Mountain.
  The Hua’ao Mountain Villa on the island provides the tourists with accomodation. 

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