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Yushan Island
2012-04-10 15:39:53

Yushan Island is an island located 47.5 miles southeast from Shipu. It is known as "The first fishing area in Asia". There are unique reef and crystal clear seawater. It is located in the north and south ocean current intersection belt. There is rich fish, shellfish and algae resources, in total more than 300 types.
  Yushan Island has two parts, north and south. The north part is the largest, with a total land area of 2.3 square kilometers. There are three islands called North Yushan, South Yushan and the Five Tiger Yushan Reef. The seawater is so clear that the visibility is more than 10 meters. Today 300 to 400 people live there because of the large number of freshwater resources.
  Tourists will always be impressed with the picturesque natural scenery, the cool lighthouse, the dignified border monument, the reef, the cliff, the charming sunrise and the interesting fishing.

  Toursit Track:
  Dancheng— Shipi—Ferry—Yushan Island
  Take the morning ferry at 9:00 to return. 
  The ferry in the afternoon is not always on time.



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