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Advanced Manufacturing Industry
2012-04-17 09:53:32

Based on resource and industrial advantages, exerting effort on deploying development strategy that conforms to industry status, emphasizing on introducing industries namely advanced manufacturing industry, coastal tourism and modern service industry (service outsourcing), modern agricultural and fishery industry and hi-tech etc.
  Advanced Manufacturing Industry
Emphasize on introducing port pillar industry. Exert effort on introducing advanced port industry, shipbuilding and ship parts industry, develop industries like marine engineering, heavy machinery, new energy equipment, build advanced port equipment base in Zhejiang Province, introduce modern logistics industry and strive to become an organic constituent of Ningbo port cargo distribution and transportation system.
  Put forth effort to bring in five industrial base projects. To import high-end knitting fabric production, shipbuilding, fishery food processing, automobile spare parts manufacturing and machine parts manufacturing projects to build five industrial bases in Ningbo City.
  Coastal Tourism
Exert strength to lead in eight scenic area supporting tourism projects such as Songlanshan Resort, actively introduce rural tourism and leisure agricultural (fishery) industry and speed up importing coastal leisure industry projects. Introduce new tourist format, promote development of island tourism and realize the leaping over from coastal tourism to marine tourism.
  Modern Service Industry
Actively lead in commercial and trade service industry project. Emphasize on introducing service industry centralized district projects like shopping and business administration; try hard to import production service industries namely professional market, special block, modern finance, postal communications, conference and exhibition, e-commerce and information media etc.; exert strength to bring in consumption service industries like seafood dining, tourist shopping, culture entertainment and leisure & health; assist the development of living service industries such as community, family and senior services. Exert effort to import service outsourcing industry. Introduce a batch of service outsourcing enterprises with independent intellectual property and high value-added service capacity and service outsourcing brands with international competitiveness, emphasize on introducing industry projects such as information technology service outsourcing, professional service outsourcing, sales service outsourcing, product design service outsourcing and film and television animation design, try hard to lead in a batch of regional emerging service outsourcing base projects.
  Modern Agriculture ad Fishery
Actively develop modern agriculture. Introduce further processing projects of produce and by-products such as Xiangshan white goose, orange and bamboo products. Try hard to introduce high standard facility breeding projects with high technology, high investment and high efficiency. Develop modern agriculture and leisure sightseeing project.
  Hi-tech Industry
Actively introduces hi-tech industry. Introduce newly-emerging industry projects such as new energy, new equipment, new material, marine life, software industry. Introduce energy-saving, environment protection, pollution-free, high added value, high efficiency new energy and equipment manufacturing industries. Speed up introduction of costal and offshore wind power projects as well as newly emerging industry projects such as marine medicine and marine life.



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