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Procedures for Investments of Domestic Traveling Merchants in Xiangshan
2012-04-27 09:24:48

  Procedures for Investments of Domestic Traveling Merchants in Xiangshan  
  The investor shall provide the local government with a research report of project feasibility for approval
  (Xiangshan Development and Reform Bureau, Xiangshan Environmental Protection Bureau)
  Enterprise Name Approval
  (Ningbo Administration for Industry & Commerce, Xiangshan Branch )
  Industrial and Commercial Registration
  (Ningbo Administration for Industry & Commerce, Xiangshan Branch)
  Organization Code Certificate
  (Xiangshan Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision)
  Tax Registration Certificate
  (Xiangshan Office of SAT, Bureau of Finance)
  Land Pre-approval
  (Xiangshan Land and Resources Bureau)
  Project Environmental Protection Report
  (The report prepared by the environmental protection center with qualification shall be approved by the Environmental Protection Bureau)
  Address Selection Planning
  (Xiangshan Planning Bureau)
  Submit overall plane drawings for approval (if it is related to woodland, sea wall and tidal flats, opinions of Xiangshan Oceanography Bureau, Water Resources Bureau and Agriculture and Forestry Bureau shall be presented)
  (Xiangshan Planning Bureau)
  Project Establishment (if the amount is above RMB 300,000,000, approval of Ningbo Development and Reform Bureau is needed)
  (Xiangshan Development and Reform Bureau)
  Land Use Permit
  (Xiangshan Planning Bureau)
  Submit design drawings for inside areas of the factory for approval
  (Xiangshan Meteorological Bureau, Fire Brigade)
  Construction Permit
  (Xiangshan Construction Bureau)

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