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Half-bay Mountain Tourist Resort Project Supported by National Targeted Construction Fund
2016-12-26 09:32:30

According the 2016 Targeted Construction Fund application result released by NDRC recently, the Half-bay Mountain Tourist Resort Project of our county has gained the supportive fund 0.2 billion yuan, which will be issued by China Development Bank and be put into the project in the form of capital.

Half-bay Mountain Tourist Resort, located in Changguo Shipu covers an area of 8 sq.km, with a total investment value of 2.04 billion yuan invested by Ningbo Half-bay Mountain Investment Co.Ltd. It will be a leisure resort relying on natural and human resources such as mountain, island, ocean, beach and fishing village with the supporting facilities of five-color fishing town, joy-ocean, season fishing village, peninsula bay and gas station.



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