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The Amount of Subsidy of the Country's Healthcare Insurance System to Include the Treatment of Critical Illnesses 33.41Million yuan
2017-03-27 08:28:42

According to Xiangshan Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, 4548 insured patients had shared critical illnesses insurance subsidy with an amount of 33.41 million yuan and 162 insured ones benefited from special medicine insurance assistance 5.58 million yuan by Dec.31, 2016.

The county’s urban and rural residents’ critical illness healthcare insurance system has been launched since 2014. The system, based on basic medical insurance, aims to provide over 50% subsidy for insured patients with medical expenditure over 20,000 yuan, which greatly relieve medical expense burden for patients. Besides, special medicine insurance was added in 2015, including Glivec and Herceptin.

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