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106 Major Construction Projects
2017-03-30 13:38:16

This year, our county has arranged 106 major construction projects with a total investment of 80.53 billion yuan and annual planned one 13.59 billion yuan, including 47 newly-commenced projects and 32 major preliminary projects with a total investment of 21.18 billion yuan. The arrangement covers 35 people’s livelihood practical projects including environmental governance, pension, transportation, urban and rural beautification, culture and public health.

106 major construction projects comprise of 14 water conservancy projects, 28 industrial energy projects, 30 infrastructural projects and 34 comprehensive services. The 32 major preliminary projects include 7 industrial energy projects, 6 infrastructural projects, 7 public services and 12 comprehensive services. Besides, the annual planned investment of major construction projects accounts for 69.3% of the fixed investments.



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