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Sanmen Bay Bridge and Junction Project (Xiangshan Section) 70% Completed
2017-04-05 08:52:42

Sanmen Bay Bridge and junction project (Xiangshan Section) is 27.9 kilometers long, covering Qiangtou, Sizhoutou, Maoyang, Xinqiao four towns and 32 villages. The width of subgrade of the standard four-lane expressway is 26 meters, with design speed 100km/h. There are 3 grand bridges, 3 bridges, 2 middle and small bridges, 1 extra-long tunnel, 2 long tunnels, 1 medium-short tunnel, 1 interchange, 1 parking lot, 1 maintenance area, 2 toll stations and 1 tunnel management station. 70% of the projects has been completed and is planned to open to traffic by the end of next year.



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