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The Total Fiscal Revenue in Xiangshan Reached 6.72 Bln CNY Last Year
2018-01-22 08:24:18

Learned from Xiangshan Finance and Taxation Department, Xiangshan completed fiscal revenue of 6.72 billion yuan last year, year on year increase of 7%, including revenue in the central budget of 2.79 billion yuan with the growth rate of 14.4% and general public budget revenue 3.93 billion yuan, up 2.3%.

In order to accelerate the pace of economic development, the local government arranged special funds for steady growth and promotion of 58.19 million yuan and cashed financial support funds 0.295 billion yuan in 2017. Non-tax revenue decreased significantly. In 2017, local non-tax income was 0.86billion CNY, down 20 million yuan.

In 2017, local people' livelihood fiscal expenditure took 4.96 billion yuan, a year on year growth of 8.6%. Major sources were: expenditure on education 1.28 billion yuan, up 19.7% and social security expenditure 0.66 billion yuan, 42.2 percentage points higher than in 2016.



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