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State Grid of Ningbo Electric Power Company Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Our County
2018-01-29 08:52:08

Yesterday afternoon, State Grid of Ningbo Electric Power Company signed a Three-Year-Action Strategic Cooperation Agreement with our county. Strong Smart Grid construction will be launched through cooperation of State Grid of Ningbo Electric Power Company and Xiangshan from 2018-2020.

To speed up the optimization of power supply structure and to improve line transmission capacity and flexibility in voltage and power flow control, a 220-million-KV grid reinforcement project will complete by 2020.

Moreover, the parties concerned reached on matters intelligent transformation on substations under operation, integrated energy services and power support for the Asian Games.

We believe that, with the rapid development of smart grid today, State Griid of Ningbo Electric Power Company will have more frequent exchanges in the field of smart grid, the cooperation between the two sides will be closer, and the construction of a strong smart grid will have a brilliant future! 

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