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Xiangshan County, which is in south flank of the Ynagtze River Delta, middle of Zhejiang Province and between Xiangshan Harbor and Sanmen Bay, is encircled on three sides by seas. In the second year of Shen Long, Tang Dynasty (A.D.706), Xiangshan County was founded with its special name “Xiangshan” for its mountain which looks like an elephant. The whole county covers an area of 1,382 sq km including an urban area of 28 sq km and has a population of 540,000 including resident population of 230,000. The jurisdiction of Xiangshan County encompasses ten towns, five townships and three subdistricts.
  Xiangshan County has ranked No.63 in the National Strongest Economic Counties. Besides, it has also been awarded the National Double Support County for consecutive four years, the National Hygiene County, the Best Marine Leisure Tourism County, the County of Advanced Culture in Zhejiang Province and the Home of Folk Culture. In 2013, its GDP reached RMB 36.38 billion and a total public financial income of RMB 5.06 billion, with the average income of urban inhabitants of 40,175 yuan and fishermen of 18,127 yuan.
  Xiangshan has five distinguishing features.
  The first is the characteristic of the abundant marine resources. Xiangshan is a peninsula county with a sea area of 6,618 sq km and a coastline of 925 km, respectively accounting for 67.8% and 59.2% of Ningbo. There are also 656 islands in Xiangshan, which takes up 80% of Ningbo and 21.4% in Zhejiang Province. Xiangshan Harbor in the north is a famous deepwater harbor while Shipu Port in the south is also playing an important role in the national central fishing trade with Taiwan. Xiangshan is famous in Ynagtze River Delta for its rich marine resources in possession of 36 golden beaches with a total length of 13.2 km.
  The second is the characteristic of distinct industry. Persisting in the course of characteristic and innovative development, Xiangshan gives a priority to such industries as the port-surrounding equipment, shipbuilding and electrical energy. Its industry development has also relied on the five traditional industries of knitting, mould, automotive parts, aquatic products together with power transmission, and five emerging industries of new energy resources, advanced material, new equipment, marine organism and software information. Xiangshan County has ever been honored with the National Mould County, China Famous Knitting City and China Aquatic Products Processing Base. The total agricultural output value has ascended the Top 1 in Zhejiang Province, not to mention its total output of aquatic products being the champion in China. Famous for its seafood, Xiangshan has won the honorary titles of China Seafood Capital, Home of Portunid and Provincial Featured Agriculture Strong County. Furthermore, Xiangshan is also well-known for its construction profession. Owning 22 construction enterprises, construction output value hit 100 billion yuan in 2013, accounting for one third of the municipal one. Last but not least, as the best tourism county and the coastal backyard garden of Yangtze River Delta, Xiangshan has four national 4A-class scenic spots and welcomed 12.8 tourists every year, tourism comprehensive income accumulated 12.1 billion yuan.
  The third is the priority of ocean development. Seizing the opportunity of marine economy development being the national strategy, Xiangshan has got the approvals of the foundations of Cross-Taiwan Straits Exchange Base, Xiangshan Marine Comprehensive Exploitation and Protection Pilot Site in Zhejiang and Zhejiang-Taiwan (Shipu) Economic and Trade Cooperation Area. Thus, the development pattern of One Core with Multiple Zones has overall been formed as well as eight industrial parks with a total area of 100 sq.km been almost in shape. What’s more, XiangBao Cooperation Zone covering an area of 25 sq. km has been conferred the certification by cooperating with Ningbo Free Trade Zone. Sanmen Bay Bridge and connection project has newly been the approval project of National Development and Reform Commission. Meanwhile, the preliminary work of reclamation project of Zhejiang-Taiwan (Shipu) Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone is being accelerated. Marine economic value added has already accounts for one third of gross regional domestic product. With the rapid development of marine economy, shipbuilding scale reached 1.95 million DWT and ocean transportation scale 0.88 million DWT. The National Ocean Property Rights Transaction Centre Pilot is being steadily promoted, let alone the National Ocean Integrated Management Innovation Pilot County.
  The fourth is the graceful ecotope. Xiangshan is situated in Peninsula with picturesque scenery with well known byword “Vigorous Island in Oriental, Fairy Land among Seamounts”. Jiushan Marine Ecology Natural Conservation Area and Yushan Marine Ecology Special Conservation Area also make it stand out. As the natural oxygen bar, with its forested rate 59.1%, the fine rate of air quality is 98.9% and negative oxygen ion content per cubic centimeter is 14,700 meeting the national primary standard of tourist resort. Xiangshan is also the ideal National Ecological Demonstration Zone and Marine Ecological Civilization Construction Demonstration Plot.
  The last characteristic is the distinctive culture. Xiangshan has a 6000-year-long history of civilization and a 1300 years’ county history. Eight main distinctive kinds of marine culture have been developed, encompassing fishing culture, elephant(auspicious) culture, panacea(immortal) culture, Tashan culture, coast defense culture, maritime commerce culture, revolutionary tradition culture and local folk culture. Being tolerate in Persity is the best expression of the spirit of Xiangshan people. In recent years, with the construction of marine culture, six of them have been involved in China intangible cultural heritage, and thirteen in provincial cultural heritage. Xiangshan has been honored as the National Ecological Experimental Conservation Plot of Marine Fishing Culture and Intangible Cultural Heritage Conservation Comprehensive Pilot County. Shipu has also been listed as Chinese Famous Historical Culture Town and China Fishing Festival as National Top 10 Folk-custom Festivals.
  The Bridge Ocean Era has brought about a new hopeful prospect for Xiangshan. Fully implementing the guiding principles of the 18th National Congress of the CPC and the requirements of the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, Xiangshan will set forth the Two Innovations Strategy of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and Six Accelerations of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee. To make a fresh progress in building two districts, Xiangshan has defined the goals of deepening reform and opening up an all-around way, adopted a comprehensive plan to build a modern harmonious coastal leisure city with both economic and cultural prosperities.



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